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Welcome to our store 100% Bio 

All the products you find here are totally ecological, 17 years guarantee us by growing and sending the best organic fruit online. 

Oranges, Mandarines, Citrons, Pamplemousses et Grenades, tous nos produits sont BIO  et respectent scrupuleusement les réglementations écologiques rigoureuses.



Whole box

  • Box of grapefruit 14,5Kg

  • Box of lemons 14.5 kg

  • Box of Oranges 14.5 kg

    Box of Oranges 14.5 kg

  • Box of tangerines 10Kg

    Box of tangerines 10Kg

  • Box of tangerines 14,5Kg

Mixed Box

This is the ideal and most used option to have a bit of everything.

Mix your Box as you want!

If you have not chosen one of the above options, simply combine your box as you wish, we will take care of the rest.

RTVE made a report about the crisis that Valencian orange is suffering and interviewed us for being one of the pioneers in the online sale of organic oranges. It was the year 2002 when we started, and today we continue with the same philosophy and trajectory and above all, with the same quality product that distinguishes us from the rest.

if you want to see the full report click here